I just got a new car after being in an accident (let’s hope I can keep it for longer than 6 months) and I figured it needed a name. I’ve never really named a car before but people name boats all the time so I figured why not.

As I was driving into work today, I was thinking about how my new car feels very rugged and cool. It’s not fancy, it has a tape player in it. It’s a very bare bones car. And I was saying to myself, “This car is perfect for the working man” (not trying to be sexist, I was just using my gender in my thoughts and it could totally be a working persons car).

It was at that point that I started thinking about the Greatful Dead album Workingman’s Dead and the song Uncle John’s Band. So I decided right there to call my car Uncle John’s Band.

Something that makes this event even more amazing is that the sun was rising just as I was thinking about it.

Now, I know that in another post: Lyrics in Music, I said that lyrics make me uncomfortable. However, the Greatful Dead is another one of those bands that are easy for me to listen to because they are very pleasant.