I’m always composing music in my mind, it’s just something that happens to me. Most of the time I don’t get to put these compositions down on a recording.

My friend posted an article that really interested me, it was about finches playing guitars. This artist set up a room with several guitars and basses and had finches land on them. This created music.

This is the link: http://artery.wbur.org/2014/01/17/zebra-finches-electric-guitars

I was really moved by this article. And at first, I read the title as 70 Inch Finch. But it’s 70 Zebra Finches. Therefore, I have a title for my next song. “70 Inch Finch”. I don’t quite have the music yet. But that will come.

I once made an entire album about birds for my girlfriend and an album about lobsters as well. I love to create music that is layered, instrumental and I suppose “ethereal”. I consider myself more of a noise poet as opposed to a musician. I say this because I like to take noises and create music from them. The word noise should not have a negative connotation, in this instance, it is a beautiful thing. We have pleasant noises around us all day long. Think of a cat’s meow or the sound of snow falling. Those are noises!

I will post links once I’ve finished it! Keep checking back for more updates!

Thank you,

A North Hare