I wish more people would believe me when I tell them that Cannibal Corpse is a really great band. Usually, I just get strange looks. And that’s ok, but I think they should give Death Metal a chance. I find it very soothing because I cannot understand the lyrics most of the time and that’s important to me. My post https://aaronhorethe.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/lyrics-in-music/ explains it all!

That’s not to say that I am forcing people to listen to it, just suggesting!

I think the main point is that I’d like someone to discuss Death Metal with!

Then again, it’s possible that Death Metal makes people uncomfortable. And I’m not necessarily giving other forms of music a chance.

Ok, this is my third edit! Does this really matter in the scheme of things? Probably not. This is not meant to be a depressing post, just a thought!


Thank you