I’ve tried meditating several times before to calm myself down, and sometimes achieved mild amounts of relief. I tend to worry almost constantly and am usually very anxious and prone to stress. It’s just something I’ve grown up with. I can control it sometimes though. Anxiety is just one of those things.

The other day, I was writing down a list of things I worry about, at the recommendation from my girlfriend. The list was turning out to be pretty big (I think I could still add more)! So, I started worrying about the amount of worries I have. I thought about it for most of my work day and was pretty distracted. I did manage to get some work done though!

Around 3:45pm, I left for home (I had to leave early to get an oil change). When I arrived home, I realized that I was having a panic attack. These kinds of things happen to me from time to time so I’m somewhat familiar with them. Usually, with a panic attack, I have a hard time calming down and have to wait awhile for it to subside.

This time was different however. This is where the meditation comes in. I sat on my bed and just started to breathe and focus on my breathing. It was really tough at first but I just kept pushing on. It took a little while for me to get relaxed but I did it! My breaths started to sound like waves crashing against a beach, my eyes were closed and the sun was shining, all I could see was a pleasant, warming white light (the sun though my closed eyelids). It was so pleasant. One of our cats (the more standoff-ish one) jumped on my chest and relaxed with me.

It was probably the best meditation experience I have ever had. And I am going to make more time for relaxation.


If you have any meditation stories, please share them with me! I’d like to hear them