I am a programmer by trade, it’s what I went to school for. It’s what my day job consists of (I wish it were music)!

There are often times when I need help with a programming concept. I am still new to the industry, this is only my second job in the industry. Plus, everybody needs help some times (even if they wont admit it)!

Anyways, I use my coworkers for help a lot and they are pretty helpful and not that condescending (nobody likes that). I also use Google because there’s SO MUCH CONTENT out there.

Most of the time a Google search is sufficient. However, there are those times when I just can’t find anything, and my coworkers aren’t sure either.

When those cases arise, I have to use StackOverflow… THIS IS ALWAYS A LAST RESORT!

I never like using that site. I mean, you do get help most of the time and it’s usually helpful. However, in order to receive that help, you must go through a barrage of insults, that, by the end of the experience have left you a shattered soul. I always end up feeling pretty stupid after a StackOverflow quest.

It’s especially difficult if you’ve had problems with self esteem.

Anyways, when you’ve fallen down, defeated by the barrage of “Did you ask Google?”, “This is a repost”, “Why would anyone want to store a byte array in a string?! WHY?”, you have to pick yourself up and remember that you’re not a bad programmer.

You’ve just fallen victim to internet abuse!

Everyone deals with it and you can too!

I hope others find this inspiring and, if there are others out there who have experienced this, I feel like I would be able to relate!