It was a week or so before Christmas and I was driving home. Usually when I drive home, I get these ridiculous thoughts that make me laugh. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on my driving because of it (digression). Anyways…

I was driving and I started humming Jingle Bells monotonously. I was inspired to make an obnoxious medley of holiday songs. It had grunting and high pitched tones, very annoying and obnoxious. My family found it extremely amusing!

I did make the song, however, I didn’t put it on my Reverbnation account because I think it counts as a cover since I’m covering holiday music. I’m not sure how the rules work for that so I did not upload it.

If you would like to hear it, I think it’s ok if I email it to you! It’s quite funny.

Does any one know the law regarding covering holiday songs? (I covered/parodied Jingle Bells, Silver Bells and Little Drummer Boy)