I actually started this painting about 3 years ago, it started as a dream I had about 4 indistinct figures toiling as they walked through a dead silent town towards a cliff. It stayed that way for a while, I was uninspired by it and working on other projects. After a while, I decided to change it somewhat drastically, I covered most of it in this really cool gradient. Recently, I decided that I completely hated what the painting was and I started to paint purple tentacles on it. Well, they look like tentacles anyways. Actually, the painting is about conversations and thoughts, I had the idea in place after adding a few more ‘tentacles’. Each ‘tentacle’ represents a stream of a thought and the intersections are conversations. Some places in the painting have multiple streams conversing or discoursing. And, as comic relief, I added a stream that intersected itself, discoursing with itself. I’m glad it’s finally finished, it’s been in a motionless state for quite some time and needed to be completed. I just couldn’t figure out what exactly I wanted it to be about.