I’ve decided to learn Morse code and managed to coerce my girlfriend into learning it as well. I thought it would be fun to say funny things to eachother in Morse code, and then laugh hysterically and nobody else would know (unless of course, they know Morse code). I was thinking it would be cool to have a portable device to generate beeps so we could communicate. I also wanted to put the device inside an Altoids tin because I have a bunch of left over ones and they’re the perfect enclosure for all sorts of projects.

I don’t know a lot about electronics, my area of expertise is mainly programming. However, I have taught myself a lot over the years. I have an ok grasp on electronics. So, I looked around the internet for some hints. I figured a 555 timer could be used to generate a tone and that I could activate that tone from a push button. I found a pretty good schematic and decided to use it. I made a few modifications to it.

Here is the schematic:

And here is the finished result: (opened and closed)


The results are pretty good, I replaced both of the potentiometers with resistors because I found it worked better with fixed values. Also, the schematic uses a speaker, due to the size restraints, I opted to use a piezo speaker. It sounds really good.

One thing I wanted to do was add an LED to the box because visual output is cool. However, all of my LEDs are broken for some reason.