I have the most amazing girlfriend. She may not realize how great she is.
I however, notice it every day…

We laugh together.
We dine together.
We binge on candy together.
Sometimes you’re sad but I’m here to hold you.
Sometimes I’m sad but you’re here to hold me.
You smell like roses!

The same goes for when one of us is vomiting (gross!!!!!)
I really don’t mind your vomit, it doesn’t make me sick.
And you still smell like roses!

Your hair never looks out of place,
Whether its short or long.
Your to do lists always cheer me up.
You have a lot of structure,
Especially when grocery shopping.
Again, you still smell like roses!

I enjoy going places with you.
I enjoy waiting for you to return home.
I like walking in a snow storm,
And finding you driving safely home!
Even when people yell things at me from their car.
Again, you smell like roses!

Even when one of us decides to do a
Star-Fox style barrel roll in our car.
Or when one of us feels like challenging a huge truck.
The point is you’re amazing and rosy!

I like bringing up oddly specific things that only we would know.
I like that we have our own jokes.
And “to drive home the point”, you smell like roses!

We have had so many adventures,
And it’s only been 3 years since I’ve met you.
It feels like I’ve known you and your rose smelling self

I can’t wait for the next adventure,
I have a feeling it will be amazing!
It will probably contain Llamas and ice cubes,
possibly a penguin or two, and a lady who
smells like roses (that’s you by the way)!

Maybe our next adventure will be to the grocery store,
To get some weird candy.
Maybe we’ll go to our future place of residence,
And enjoy some waffles. And the botanical gardens
(which, by the way, contain roses).

You know I like to write long posts,
I’m one of those people who feels,
Why say something simply when you can
ADD COMPLEXITY (and fanciness)…

I love you so much,
I can never stop saying that.
I’m glad I met you when I did.

I know that Valentine’s Day is around the corner,
I feel like one day of celebrating you is not enough,
I need 365 days a year to celebrate my rosy woman!

I love you, and you smell like roses,
This post may be ‘super-awesome’ but you are ‘superer-awesomest’!

You are amazing.