I know, feces, flatulence and the like are disgusting to most. Just hear me out!

It usually seems to me, from observations (and personal experiences), that people are embarrassed to fart (flatulate) in public. I am a victim of this, I feel embarrassed, I also feel like I shouldn’t be embarrassed. Why is it so embarrassing?

Every one farts, and if they say they don’t, they’re lying (I guarantee it :))! It’s a normal bodily function. Why be embarrassed? You can’t help it! Sure it smells most of the time, but I believe it’s better to let it out then keep it in. I think people are embarrassed of it because we’re told it’s unacceptable to do that in public. I think we’re embarrassed because people give us dirty looks due to the smell and the noise. Or, at least, we feel people give us dirty looks. It’s portrayed as a ‘dirty’ activity.

I have stomach problems, my stomach hurts most of the day and I have to fart most of the day, and probably poop more times than most. I’m sorry, I can’t hold it in, I’ve tried and it hurts.

My point is that we shouldn’t have to be embarrassed for having to fart. Farting is part of being human, just as breathing is part of being¬†human. It’s not gross to poop or fart or burp. I suppose it’s probably gross and offensive if you fart in someone’s face (I’ve done that to my brother because we find it amusing). But having to fart is not your fault! Break free from the embarrassment!

There are more offensive things out there! (I would say what offends me, but I don’t like hurting other’s feelings)