There are so many different tools available when it comes to creating something. There aren’t just different tools, but different forms as well. With so much to choose from, why limit yourself to just one! You may notice a new, fresh, invigorating inspiration by just switching from painting with acrylic to sculpting wood with a chainsaw (for example). The world is a playground for creativity, explore it!

I just cant stick to one tool or form, I have to create with everything I am exposed to. It’s just my nature. I feel there’s no reason for me to just paint or just make robots, etc. I remember participating in a figure drawing class and moving from pencils to colored pencils then to lipstick, because I just wanted to see what was possible. Sometimes you get an idea and it’s one of those “Hey, what if I tried…” moments.

(Lipstick is a very fun medium by the way. The way it sticks to paper is really interesting. I advise you to try it!)

Having said that, I do have some go to tools/forms.
I like to paint and draw, make music, program (it’s very creative), make robots and make things light up. I like making videos and acting and doing interpretive dance as well. I once made a video of me hanging from a tree branch shouting “I’m a beehive” (you had to be there to get it).

If I had to suggest something to try, it would be drizzling nail polish on a canvas, don’t mind the smell of the nail polish, that’s just a fun side effect of trying new things!

Go crazy, wear stockings on your head and run around in circles and video tape it!