That morning started out very calmly. They woke up together and stared into each others eyes for a while before actually getting out of bed. They liked to do this as much as possible because they loved each other.

They got out of bed after a while. It seemed like minutes to them though. He got dressed and made some breakfast while she did her hair.

The air in their apartment was sweet and warm. He was making cinnamon rolls, her favorite. When she finished her hair they ate breakfast together. This was not uncommon, they had always had breakfast together. But today was uncommon. The weather had been cold and the sky gray for far too long. And today, it was warm and bright. There were no clouds in the sky. The sunlight shone through their apartment window.

They left their apartment and headed for their car. The car started and the adventure began. The just drove. They drove as far as they could/wanted to.

They came upon this town, it was a beautiful town, full of bright houses and buildings. Everyone seemed nice. This was probably due to the fact that the town was so beautiful and pleasant.

It was about lunch time and they happened upon a diner. They stopped to get lunch. After that, they made the decision to spend the night here. This decision was spurred by the sighting of a bead & breakfast across the street. They booked a bed for the night and went out to explore.

To their surprise, this town was surrounded by forest. There was an abundance of waterfalls as well. Waterfalls being their favorite land feature, they were ecstatic.

They stopped at one such waterfall.

Now, before they had left on their adventure, the two packed their car with canvases, paints, brushes and easels. They walked up to the waterfall with their supplies and started to paint. The area around them was quiet and they were alone.

They painted…

It was getting dark as they were finishing up. She had made a beautiful painting. It represented the waterfall and the life force of the waterfall. Her painting was full of textures and rich colors. It look mesmerizing. His painting was of the waterfall as well, however his waterfall had human arms and there were lobsters flying in the sky.

They went back to the bed & breakfast and slept. They were tired from painting, not a bad tired though, a deserved tired. In the morning they decided that they hadn’t had enough of this town so they booked another night. Then enjoyed some breakfast.

After that, they packed their car with a picnic supplied from the local grocery store. They spent the rest of the day hiking and enjoying their company. When the sun set, they had a romantic dinner and returned to the bed & breakfast. There they watched movies until they fell asleep.

In the morning, they departed. They had had a wonderful adventure.