Do you ever get confused when you look at an analog clock?

For me, I look at it and I just go blank.
The numbers blur and the hands just make me dizzy.
I do like the clicking noise however.
I just cannot, for the life of me, decipher the time.

The long hand is the minute hand,
no… wait… it’s the hour hand… no… wait… it’s the minute hand? argh!
I should know this!

Time is wasting Aaron, make up your mind…

I could stand there for an hour trying to figure out the time.
I suppose that would be considered time wasted?

I get frustrated within a few seconds of trying and anxiously look around for a digital clock, my safety.

“There’s got to be the time somewhere? Anywhere!”, this thought races through my head, frantically.

“I’m not stupid, clocks just confuse me.”, did I just not learn correctly? I need to write down the time, but I can’t tell the time! Someone usually steps in and I thank them anxiously, and avert my eyes.

The face of the clock just makes me cloudy.
I go blank and my eyes lose focus sometimes.
It’s pretty to look at though.

For now, I will just state that I have clock dyslexia.

Besides, most of the digital clocks have more accuracy, you can get a more exact time from them! That way I can tell when it’s 12:34.56PM, my favorite time of the day.