Why are you driving so close behind me?

The speed limit is 30 here, give me some space.
Why are you driving so close, don’t you know it’s dangerous?

Now the speed limit is 20, we’re in a school zone.
And yet, you’re still driving close, even closer now.
Hasn’t anyone told you that’s dangerous?

What if I have to stop suddenly?
What if there’s a kid crossing the street in the school zone?
Don’t you think that’s the reason for the slower speed?
Don’t you understand it’s dangerous?

Speed limits are put in place for a reason.
A limit is something you don’t exceed.
You’re not above the law so don’t be above the speed limit.
Slow down, you’re not getting anywhere faster.
Slow down, you’re not that important.

If you hit me, it will be your fault.
If you hit me, we’ll have to fill out tons of paperwork.
If you hit me, the insurance companies will get to stuff their greedy pockets.
Is it really worth the risk and paperwork to drive so close?
Is it really worth it to drive so recklessly?
You’re endangering me and your environment.

— “Tailgatin’ is Hatin’!” (A North Hare) —