I started laying out my drawing a little last night. I actually used the other side first and I hated the way it looked so I hastily flipped the piece of paper over. It’s on an 18×24 inch piece of paper, so I will end up being a larger drawing that what I’ve done previously. So far, I’m in the approximate center of the paper drawing my way to the outside. And my cats won’t leave the drawing alone. I’ve had to stop a few times because they (the cats) decided they wanted to sit on the drawing. Oh well…

I’m not sure what I’m going to name it, that’s something that will come to me eventually. Originally, I was inspired to draw seeing someone else draw on a huge piece of paper. He was drawing a bunch of mandalas. I’m also really inspired by pyramids and triangles so I’m planning to include them in my drawing.

Here is a picture of my progress