Hour long lunchtime too long,
Sleep in car, who needs eating.
Now I am hungry.

I am allowed an hour for lunch every day. Sometimes I work through lunch, sometimes I eat and draw, other times I like to nap. I’ve set up the perfect napping spot in the back seat of my car. I placed some of those sun shield things for cars between the front seat headrests and the back seat headrests. I’ve essentially made a tent or blanket fort in the back seat of my car. I have a pillow and blanket back there, it’s cozy. Also, I lock my doors in case anyone gets a fresh idea to attack or kill me or something like that. At least they have to break into my car first! That will hinder them at least a little bit.

Although, I’m kind of tall so I have to curl up…

Let me tell you, an hour long nap in the middle of the day is so refreshing.

It’s a perfectly quiet and hidden place to nap!