Update On The Drawing (3rd Installment)

It’s been a couple of days and I’ve gotten more done on my drawing. The cats have also stepped on it and will probably continue to do so. I wish they would just sit next to me and watch. I tried putting a box next to me, cats love boxes. The allure of the piece of paper that I’ve been devoting my attention to was too great. They shunned the box…

I’ve added some pointilism (I don’t like the word “stippling”, it sounds gross), and some herringbone like patterns to it as well. There are also even more circles and triangles!

Also, it still doesn’t have a title. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am very open and will consider names!

I may call it “Spleen Covered In Tartar Sauce”…



One thought on “Update On The Drawing (3rd Installment)

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