What am I up to all of the time? It’s hard to say. A little painting here, some drawing there, writing stories. Hopefully some music in the near future. I’m trying to market myself as well, push my brand ya’ know! And I’m working on marketing my girlfriend as well. We like to help each other, we’re a team like that.

One of these days, I should like to organize all my online stuff. You see, I’m attempting to reinvent myself/get my self and my art out there as well as help my girlfriend do the same. Let’s hope this goes well! If not, well at least we can share art with the world. That’s one of the things that makes creating a happenin’ activity for me. Along with the process, the process of sharing and hopefully brightening someones day is why I do what I do!

Except for when I’m at my other job, then I just do what I’m told to do…

I like this blogging stuff, it’s fun! And I enjoy reading and viewing other posts. And, let’s face it, when I see notifications, I get all happy and smile! I think everyone likes that kind of thing!

Here’s a picture I made to sweeten the deal! (everyone likes to look at pictures) It’s a photo I took where I covered the flash with my finger (I discovered that doing that really makes the picture look awesome, people look all red and stuff, you should try it). Enough parenthesis!

“Red Brand” (the title 🙂 )

Also, I didn’t mean to sound arrogant, I think sometimes I sound that way.

Take Care
-Aaron Horeth (A North Hare)