Attend the event.
Be there to observe, support, entertain your mind.
Capture the event in your mind.
Don’t skip the small details.
Every little thing is fascinating.
Forget the others at the event, don’t let them intimidate you.
Go ahead, look around frantically.
Head towards the point of interest.
Ignore those you don’t want to converse with.
Just go and check it out.
Keep it in your focus.
Let go of the other event goers.
Make your way, closer, almost there.
Now you’ve gotten to the point of interest.
Observe the object, learn it, study it.
Preserve the object, it is of utmost interest to you.
Quietly observe, so no one else finds it.
Read the environment, notice the potential hazards.
Sharpen your senses, others may be coming to bother the object.
Turn to one side, you see no harm so far.
Under that table, behind that wall.
Vary your stance, don’t look too out of place.
Walk calmly toward the exit.
XXVI – 26, the number on the face of the building.
You see it as you leave.
Zip away, you have left the event.