It started as a puzzle but turned into a solution. A solution that was and is the only solution. So they say…

“But there’s always more than one solution to a problem.”

“You’re wrong, this is the only solution. And that’s final.”

The two argued late into the night, each retort getting more and more heated. It was about midnight when the climax of the argument started. One of them reached for a knife in the drawer and the other got the axe from the storage closet.

Why is there an axe in a storage closet?

Is that really the question you want to be asking at this point of the story?

Anyways, before I was interrupted. The battle. The battle? Yes! The battle.

Well, it was actually not that much of a battle. As I told you that was the climax. At the point where they had brandished their weapons, they looked at each other. They realized how silly they had been and they realized that they had forgotten what they were arguing about in the first place.

“Look at us. Bunch of silly geese.”

Dropping their weapons, they went about their business and a bloodbath was diverted. Unfortunately?