Dot dot, dash dash.
The rhythm plays over and over in his head.

Again and again, an infinite loop.
Repulsively repetitive. Agonizingly annoying.

“Why wont it stop?”
Now that he’s paying attention to it,
it just seems to get more and more pronounced. The beat keeps.
Like a bad case of hiccups, non-stop, repetitive.

“Why doesn’t it stop!”
“Please make the song stop!”
It’s boring into his nervous center,
drilling deep into his core.


All is quiet for a moment…………..
Finally, serenity.
Clarity, the fog has lifted. He can hear his thoughts.
Deafening silence, a quiet roar.

And then…


The eye of the storm.

It just keeps returning, stronger, faster and more potent
than the last time. It’s doubled in volume and tempo.
Even the pitch has increased. Now it’s even more annoying.


Finally, the release.
The closing curtain.
There will be no encore for this opera.
The last show has been played.
He falls to the floor, safe, quiet, serene.

Good night.