The dim plastic sun bathes my space with its dim plastic glow. Calm air creates an environment of tranquility. There’s a watering hole to my right, and my fellow villagers can be seen gathering sustenance before returning to their quest. Three and an eighth barriers protect me from most dangers. My one open side susceptible to offense. Above me a stagnant grayish white sky. Below me, the light brown of the fabric earth provides an anchor. Village walls protect my comrades and I from threats both visible and distant.

Distant rumblings are barely detectable, but still noticeable enough to elicit a response and a listen. Could they be gargantuan creatures? Their rumblings allude to their size. Mouths of huge teeth and powerful jaws. These creatures could crush anything with ease, as if they were chewing on grass. I don’t have to worry however, I’m protected by my barriers. Mostly…

One of the members from another village, stops by. He’s loud, aggressive and abrasive. Everyone in his village is. I do not know of their location, just of their leader and a few of his aides. He yearns to talk to my leader who is off on a quest at the present moment and shall not return for some time.

One of my fellow villagers wanders aimlessly around the village, stopping every so often to practice for the hunt. In his raised arms, he wields a soft, blue orb. Is battle with another village imminent? Should I prepare, should I sharpen my axe? Are we to fight the creatures responsible for the distant rumblings? I hear complaint of these distant rumblings from another villager. He’s in charge of watching the village, protecting it. He gives us the status on the happenings from the outside. Most of the other villagers are away on quests.