I have decided to record the number of bowel movements I have each day, along with the max anxiety (a number from 0 to 10) for that day. The goal is to see how my anxiety relates to my bowel frequency. I’ve also included other information in the study such as notes on anxiety, consistency and if I consumed yogurt that day or not.

The projected complete month is September 2016, with an official start date of September 1, 2015.

Although I plan to officially start it in September, you can view the results for August right now! And keep checking it at any rate to see where the study stands! I’ll try to also have monthly graphs and data. Let me know if there are any problems viewing the site, any suggestions or comments!

Link to the study

Take Care, and thank you for following my blog, I really appreciate all of the support I get from you!

Aaron Horeth