It tastes like dirt, it hypes the body.
How do I know what dirt tastes like?
It’s what I imagine dirt to taste like.
That familiar, sweaty, dirty,
old rag taste.

Anyways, most succumb to the allure.
They crave it, they fetishize it.
It gets advertisements, it gets priority.
To them, it gives them a new outlook.
Refreshing, stimulating, love, life.
Rantings of an addict.
They use it to “start their day”.

Lack of it creates anger.
Heated withdrawals, cranky shouts, lacking the substance.
Foaming at the mouth when it’s not prepared just right.
Violence is thrust toward the maker, or potential maker.

Yet, it’s not outlawed.
Users aren’t treated like junkies.
There are no support groups for this addictive substance.
There is no jail time for possessing the drug.
There is no consequence for polluting the bloodstream.

Why is this substance legal?
It’s accepted, it’s beloved.
Everyone likes it, the adult world cherishes it.

Not I though, I find it deplorable.
Downright disgusting.