You called me stupid,
punished me for forgetting
my multiplication tables.
The “gifted”, “advanced”
bullies if you ask me.
An institution geared to
putting me down at least
that’s how I felt.

They’re better than you
you’re just a speck.
Cementing my place,
my perceived stupidity.
At that ripe,
impressionable age.
Age when “you’re stupid”
really makes an impact.

Put the non-gifted down,
proclaim their
Tell me I’m nothing.
“I’ll give him 5 seconds”,
they jeered at me,
a skinny guy.

“He must be gay”,
“Loser, poser, idiot”
“he must be stupid”,
“don’t throw the ball to
He won’t catch it anyway.”

Years later
using my standardness,
my learned stupidity,
not living off
the preconceived
notion of superiority.
Gave me a clear mind
to complete my studies
to prove my worth.
To claim that
I am something of worth.
Not just a loser.
Not the scum
you told me I was.

Where are your gifted?
Where are those
you held in such high regard?
That’s too bad.

Maybe if you held them down,
spitting on them,
rubbing their face in the
Maybe they’d have something to prove.
But they don’t,
you already proved it
for them.