Here’s a recent drawing I just finished. I haven’t added any drawings in a while so I thought I’d add this one. It’s called “Gravity”. It’s on 18″ x 24″ drawing paper. The paper is more meant for dry media but I think it works well for pen and ink.

I wanted the drawing to have this swooping, continuous line that the eyes could follow and imagine what goes on after the paper ends.


New Photography Project

This is a piece I am working on. I had this photo that I took of one of my favorite places (Green Lakes State Park) and I wanted to experiment with it. What I did initially was split the photo into 3 segments (and created layers for each segment). I used Paint.NET for the image manipulations. Paint.NET is a very basic editor, not anywhere near as sophisticated as Photoshop. But I chose to use it for its simplicity and price.

Each of these pieces shows a part of the original image, obscured with a color, and a large block (or blocks for the center one) of color. The color space is used to show that there is more to the image than just the segment provided in the piece. For each piece, there are two other parts that are missing (from the original photo). I wanted to use bright, solid colors to give an otherwise natural photograph (it’s an image of a tree) an artificial and over-celebrated look. The solid colors provide a stark contrast to the nature of the segment highlighted in each piece.

Thank you for viewing!

-Aaron Horeth

Original image:


My urge to create music waxes and wanes, that periodical kind of thing. Music will always be one of my favorite tools of expression, but I like to paint and draw and sculpt (and do many other things) as well. There are so many tools of expression and creativity. That’s my passion, not music. My creative and curious nature is my biggest strength, it’s something I am proud of. Music will just have to wait its turn while I delve into other art forms.

Well, now it has come full circle again and I have that irrepressible urge, that forceful yearning, that starry glow in my eyes when I gander at my synthesizers and guitars. So, I am now working on an album, it’s called Ancients. I want it to evoke thoughts of the past.