A North Hare

Aaron Horeth in writing!

Sleep Well — December 16, 2017

Sleep Well

Sleep well my love,
It’s been far too long.

You toil over the war
In your mind.

All I can do is
Comfort you,

And that breaks
My heart.

I see you suffering,
Let me hold you.

You sleep so gently,
Free from the stress.

Free from insomnia,
At least for tonight.

Sleep well,
My love.

As I Sit Here — July 13, 2016

As I Sit Here

Dearest love, best friend and partner for life Kimberly:

As I sit here,
in the lucid loneliness of the graveyard shift.

Slaving tirelessly over a keyboard in a cold office
as if it were a hot stove and I were cooking pancakes.

I feel a longing for that feeling of home
that being beside you brings me, brings us.

As I sit here,
fervently studying the opcodes of the 8080.

My mind cannot focus on programming, I miss you.
I miss your familiarity and texture.

Although we’re only 45 minutes apart tonight,
it feels like hours.

Yours truly,

With Her — November 2, 2015

With Her

Her strands of beads lay
on the table,

This person I live with
we share so much.

Our creative spirits align
as we buzz about
the apartment

We understand one another.
We strengthen and improve
With her.

Most At Ease — October 23, 2015

Most At Ease

I’m most at ease when
I’m with you.
When we’re exploring a
future possible home or
a new

I’m most at ease when
we’re playing tennis.
And one of us smacks
the ball

I’m most at ease when
we’re creating.
Painting our selves

I’m most at ease when
you’re smiling.
When you’re beating me
at all the
video games
we play

I’m most at ease when
you rest your head on
my shoulders.
When you fall asleep on
my lap during all the
silly documentaries
with animal

I’m most at ease when
it’s just us.
When you and I are
we are.

Kimberly, Deliverer of Joy — July 24, 2015
Three Years — July 20, 2015

Three Years

Three years have gone by,
and it feels like one.
Three years have gone by,
and we feel like one.
Three years have gone by,
and I feel like I’ve known you forever.
Three years have gone by,
and I will love you forever.

To my beautiful Kimberly, I love you!

Our Goals — June 14, 2015
Galaxy —