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Regarding Car Accidents – Things I’ve learned — January 29, 2014

Regarding Car Accidents – Things I’ve learned

I’ve been in a few car accidents and totaled a few cars as a result of those accidents. And through those accidents, I’ve learned how to handle dealing with insurance companies a little bit. Although, there are still things I haven’t learned or just learned from this last accident.

Fortunately all of the accidents I’ve been involved in have not had any fatalities (except for the cars) or injuries. From my first accident I learned that you should not sit in the ambulance if you are not injured. Ambulances charge you, even for sitting in them. I didn’t really learn anything from the second accident because I wasn’t the one driving, my girlfriend was driving my car and I was the passenger. My third accident (the most recent one) taught me that GAP Insurance is important if you have a car that was priced over the value. I bought it from a dealer and they cajoled me into getting this warranty and they said I wouldn’t need GAP insurance. They were wrong. I totaled the car and it was less than what I had left on the loan. So now I have this extra bit of loan hanging out there. Another thing I learned you can do (after the fact) is that you can try to bargain with the claims adjuster to get a better payoff amount on your car.

Car Accident from January 2014 — January 24, 2014

Car Accident from January 2014

Car Accident from January 2014

I got in a car accident. A car from behind pushed me into a car in front of me. Mine was the only car to be totaled. That sucks! (I don’t have a smart phone, just a cheap pay as you go phone so the quality may not be Galaxy or iPhone quality)