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Napping In My Car — March 11, 2015

Napping In My Car

Hour long lunchtime too long,
Sleep in car, who needs eating.
Now I am hungry.

I am allowed an hour for lunch every day. Sometimes I work through lunch, sometimes I eat and draw, other times I like to nap. I’ve set up the perfect napping spot in the back seat of my car. I placed some of those sun shield things for cars between the front seat headrests and the back seat headrests. I’ve essentially made a tent or blanket fort in the back seat of my car. I have a pillow and blanket back there, it’s cozy. Also, I lock my doors in case anyone gets a fresh idea to attack or kill me or something like that. At least they have to break into my car first! That will hinder them at least a little bit.

Although, I’m kind of tall so I have to curl up…

Let me tell you, an hour long nap in the middle of the day is so refreshing.

It’s a perfectly quiet and hidden place to nap!

Stopping Traffic — March 7, 2015

Stopping Traffic

Sometimes when I’m driving, I imagine myself waiting, stopped at a green light. I can see it now. A line of cars behind me, honking. The drivers getting angrier and angrier with each passing moment. And me, I’m just sitting there with a wide smirk on my face. Enjoying every moment of road rage coming from behind. I feel the power of putting people in their place and spurring road rage in others.

Then, I think to myself, why don’t I do that? What’s stopping myself from just stopping my car dead in it’s tracks with a bunch of drivers behind me.

It takes a moment but I then realize that I don’t have a death wish. While intentionally angering the other drivers would bring me great joy, supreme happiness, a sense of fulfillment and revenge on road rage, I am afraid I would probably get killed. I’m sure some person, would come up to my car, smash my window and beat me to death or stab me or something.

And I also realize that stopping traffic for the reasons I’ve described above is probably road rage itself (I do feel like the other drivers are bullying me though, even though they don’t know me and I don’t know them). Still…

It would be so pleasing…

Driving, whether I like it or not… — November 25, 2014

Driving, whether I like it or not…

I drive almost every day, I think most adults drive almost every day. And I hate it every day as well. It’s scary! It doesn’t matter where I’m driving, it could be a dirt road and I would still hate it!

I’d like to move closer to work someday. I can’t right now, I don’t like the city I work in. So, by making this choice to live farther away from work, I am forced to drive.

I think the thing I dislike most about driving is all of the rage. I get angry drivers behind me all the time. And that makes me angry as well. I don’t want to be an angry person, I don’t want to subscribe to road rage.

I know it sounds like I am complaining. And I am complaining. I am also using this time and this post to just explain stuff I don’t normally get to explain (people tend not to want to hear that I am against the right on red policy).

It’s really stressful, add snow/heavy rain to that. Or school buses, and people tailgating and it’s just too much for me! I don’t agree with some of the traffic laws either. Like right on red. I feel that it makes me lazy, I can certainly wait for the light to turn green. I may be in a hurry but that doesn’t mean I need to be allowed to turn right on red. Red means stop, it doesn’t mean stop unless it’s inconvenient for you.

Right on red just supplements the need for instant gratification. No thank you, I will patiently wait for that light to turn green. Sorry angry people behind me! These are my principles and we are all allowed to have principles! I feel it is lazy. Not that I am calling anyone else lazy, I just feel lazy when I turn right on red.

Plus, right on red is not mandatory! You wouldn’t turn right on red if there was oncoming traffic (unless you have a death wish or are looking to participate in insurance fraud).

I don’t like that I get angry at people driving too close behind me because I’m going the speed limit.

I just don’t like driving! It terrifies me!

However, it’s one of those things you just have to do. There are ways around it and I’m slowly migrating towards those methods that lessen my driving. Besides, why drive when you can bike or walk? Those options are much less stressful. Although, I do get people in cars calling me names when I walk. And that’s stressful too. And then, there are other walkers who call me names while I’m walking. In fact, walking can be dangerous (depending on where you are). And, it’s scary to walk, people still look threatening. If not more threatening than when I’m driving.

So, maybe it’s not the driving. Maybe it’s just being out in public, or transporting myself to where I need to go. Maybe I’m stressed because I really don’t want to be where I’m going. I do know that, in my life, I have had problems with being afraid of people so that definitely factors in to my stress. Does all of this really matter in the world? Probably not. But is bothersome enough to write about.

Thank you,

A North Hare

Regarding Car Accidents – Things I’ve learned — January 29, 2014

Regarding Car Accidents – Things I’ve learned

I’ve been in a few car accidents and totaled a few cars as a result of those accidents. And through those accidents, I’ve learned how to handle dealing with insurance companies a little bit. Although, there are still things I haven’t learned or just learned from this last accident.

Fortunately all of the accidents I’ve been involved in have not had any fatalities (except for the cars) or injuries. From my first accident I learned that you should not sit in the ambulance if you are not injured. Ambulances charge you, even for sitting in them. I didn’t really learn anything from the second accident because I wasn’t the one driving, my girlfriend was driving my car and I was the passenger. My third accident (the most recent one) taught me that GAP Insurance is important if you have a car that was priced over the value. I bought it from a dealer and they cajoled me into getting this warranty and they said I wouldn’t need GAP insurance. They were wrong. I totaled the car and it was less than what I had left on the loan. So now I have this extra bit of loan hanging out there. Another thing I learned you can do (after the fact) is that you can try to bargain with the claims adjuster to get a better payoff amount on your car.

Car Accident from January 2014 — January 24, 2014