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Gravity — February 28, 2016



Here’s a recent drawing I just finished. I haven’t added any drawings in a while so I thought I’d add this one. It’s called “Gravity”. It’s on 18″ x 24″ drawing paper. The paper is more meant for dry media but I think it works well for pen and ink.

I wanted the drawing to have this swooping, continuous line that the eyes could follow and imagine what goes on after the paper ends.

Updates to drawing website —
Drawing — November 24, 2015


I want a warm summer day, some iced tea in a little glass bottle, my girlfriend sitting next to me, and my sketch book with a few (100 or so) markers. All of this, of course taking place outside, underneath the shade of a tree.

What the hell is all of this cold stuff?

Llama Drawing — October 7, 2015

Llama Drawing


I love llamas, they’re cool animals. This is a drawing I did of a llama. I used some markers with a paintbrush tip for the colors and my fine tip markers for all of the details. I’m considering doing more using this llama. Actually, I drew a template image first and then traced the outline (I was thinking that I’d want to draw more llamas in the future)

Fossil (Drawing) — August 17, 2015
George Drawing — July 29, 2015

George Drawing

I’ve been working on this drawing for a while. It’s based off of a picture of my cat George. I was stuck on it for a while as I pondered what to do with the background and the direction the drawing needed to go in. There are a lot of little details in it (I love details).


Thank you
-Aaron Horeth

Drawing – George — July 15, 2015
Trying Out My New Brush Markers — June 16, 2015
New Drawing (with some reference)! — May 20, 2015

New Drawing (with some reference)!

Hello! It’s been a while and I have been doing stuff to things as people often do. I’ve started this new drawing. I was looking at my cat and thinking, I want to do a drawing of him in the style of my last few drawings. So I’ve taken a picture of him, printed it out and I’m transferring it to the large paper.

Here’s a progress pic:

Finished Drawing: Ancient Machinery — May 10, 2015