A North Hare

Aaron Horeth in writing!

Yellow Lobster Sunshine — July 18, 2015

Yellow Lobster Sunshine

My face is not yellow, I do not have jaundice.
The jaguar stalks in the night, killing their babies.
Thelobster should not be eaten, not at any cost.
Now go outside and bask, bask in the sunshine!

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Work To Get Out — July 16, 2015

Work To Get Out

While I sit here at this desk,
my creativity feels diminished.
I want to create. I want to paint.
I need to get the music out, appease
my creative spirit. of course, I
also need to get a paycheck, I
need to make a living here. However, I
can make a living Working for myself.
I can do what it takes to make a
living on my own. get my self
out. and push my way through the
maze. For the sake of Creativity.

From hidden to clarified

Vibrant — July 1, 2015


This is a poem, it is not very
long but it is vibrant and holds true
the spirit and essence of poetry.
I want to write, I want to explore,
I want to create. Something new.
Something amazing. I want to open eyes.
Only a bit of this┬ácontent actually matters…