Kimberly, Deliverer of Joy

It always makes me happy,
sometimes enough to tear up.
It’s so amazing.
I simply can’t explain the
amount of joy you give me.
Thank you for your smile.



Restriction, stuck in the thick mud.
The surroundings spin, the blur of the world.
The shakes start from the inside, as palpitations.
They work their way out from the core.
Air thins as the limbs grow weak from the lack of blood.
Everything catches up and takes it’s toll.


The inner critic.
It’s always there…
Scorning you, pushing you into the mud.
It influences you, influencing the loathing.

You have to beat it down, it’s not worth
wasting your time listening to it.
Just as an unwelcome house guest,
push it out the door.

Inner Critic

The inner critic can turn you against yourself.
It can draw you to the depths of inner conflict.
You suck…
You’re worthless…
Look at that drawing, it’s ugly…
But you can’t let those thoughts have precedence
over the good thoughts.
You can’t give those thoughts any power.
They are worthless and not worth your time.