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Let Me Work — April 6, 2015

Let Me Work

Cat is attacking,
slapping at my drawing stuff.
Get out little man.

Thinking — March 26, 2015


Often, around this time of day, lunch is just winding down. The lazier part of the day just starting. I like to think “What is George at this moment?” and “What is Kimberly doing at this moment?”. Then, I imagine them doing stuff to things in the most generic sense of the phrase.

George is a cat. He typically does cat things (I’m not aware of him doing anything else). Lately, he has taken a liking to this model airplane I am trying to assemble whenever I have spare time. I often see him carrying the paintbrushes or files I use to detail the model. He usually drops them at my feet as a sign of affection or maybe as a taunt? Right now, I’m imagining him either doing that or looking out the window. As a cat, he needs to keep up the act that he likes to look out the window in order to fool us into thinking he’s innocent and hasn’t knocked anything down in the past day.

Kimberly is a girl, not just any girl, she’s my wonderful girlfriend. Today she’s got her classes and she has a studio at school where she gets to paint (lucky!!!). I’m imagining her painting in her studio. I could always text her and bug her and I probably will in a moment. I have a great joke to tell her, it’s Zoolander related. She’s probably working on her project for one of her classes at the moment. I hope she’s eaten her lunch.

They’re probably enjoying themselves, at least I hope they are. It feels calming to imagine them in their scenarios.

Back to my day, take care!

Aaron Horeth

Obligatory Cat Post — March 24, 2015