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Say The Word — February 17, 2016

Say The Word

There’s this word that I’m always trying to pronounce. The word is peculiar. It’s really hard to say! The funny thing is, the more I try to say it, the harder it is to say. Probably because I’m thinking about it way too much. I know I could listen to a pronunciation of the word but who has time for that nonsense? Plus, I’d rather figure it out myself because I’m stubborn.

I like peculiar, it’s a cool word. I especially like to say it over and over again, I like stumbling over the ‘cu’ and ‘l’ sounds and how my tongue tries to shape itself for ‘cu’ and then frantically tries to make the ‘l’ sound afterward. Then, it’s all finished with a nice, hard ‘r’. It’s a beautiful sounding word, I wish I could pronounce it. Sometimes I try to pronounce it as ‘pecu’-‘liar’ but that never sounds right.

Try saying peculiar. Say it over and over again. Are you having trouble pronouncing it? It’s just a really difficult word for me to pronounce.

By the way, I can say it if I say pecularity┬ábefore it (that’s the exact spelling, I know that isn’t technically a word, but all words were made up at one point so I think I’m ok). Peculiarity is a form of the word though, but that’s hard to say as well.

Senses — November 23, 2015


The other day, I was contemplating things as I do often.
The mind wanders to what it wants to, things like memories,
awesome ideas, future conversations that may or may not
happen. To contemplate, imagine, and just think is
a very refreshing practice.

Anyways, while I was contemplating stuff, I started thinking
about the senses. I was imagining what it would be like to
be without all senses, what it would be like to be void of
just one sense, two senses. I was thinking, what would I
draw without the sense of sight and what type of music would
I compose without the sense of hearing. Then, I started thinking
what senses could I live without. Taste and smell are nice to
have but do I really need them? I know that they are useful
in determining the lethality of foods and beverages and other
animals. But in this day and age, we humans can use sight and
sound to determine whether this piece of meat is safe to eat.
Of course, we all know that ingredient lists may or may not
be falsified and that preservatives and food colorings are
not that great for your body. But, ignoring that, we can
just use sight and hearing. I’m sure smell can also be used
to determine things like infections from cuts and if you’re in
a dangerous area that has poisonous gas. Taste and smell probably
have other uses as well. But I’m just going to ignore that
for the purpose of this piece.

I just feel that I could do without those two senses. Why
do I need to taste that piece of chocolate or the radish?
If I had no sense of taste, the “healthy” foods would be
easier to consume. Without smell, I wouldn’t have to
smell that awful stench of coffee or the smell of smoke.
All of that would be great. Forgive me for being insensitive
in my contemplation. I realize that I am very fortunate to have
all of my senses.

A Quick Update — April 7, 2015

A Quick Update

I just had a great idea for drawing materials. Actually, I’ve been kind of thinking about this for a while but never did anything with it. I’m using a certain recyclable material as a drawing surface. I’m sure it’s been done before (what hasn’t?). But it’s new to me and I am excited.

More tonight!

Take Care,
Aaron Horeth (A North Hare)