A North Hare

Aaron Horeth in writing!

Signature — June 2, 2014



I’m working on making a signature. This was done in Inkscape (of course)!

My name is Aaron so in here you should see the 2 a’s, an r, an o, and an n.

This version is done in red. I seem to like to work in shades of just red, just blue or just green, although I’d like to do a multicolored version of this as well.

Network — May 15, 2014



Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been working with Inkscape some more and creating more works! This is one I’m playing with right now. It’s called ‘Network’.

I am a software developer (currently) which means I live on a computer. This is how I visualize programs. The flow of the program, what parts connect to others, what parts depend on other parts. The triangles represent end points, the squares are the main parts. The circles and triangles depend on the squares. The circles also depend on each other. They are sub classes and modules depending on eachother and the parent (square).

Thoughts on Inkscape —

Thoughts on Inkscape

I’ve been using Inkscape for a little while now and I really like it. I like that it’s free, I like it’s features as well. 

What’s interesting is that my girlfriends professors make her use Adobe products because they are “Industry Standard”. If it wasn’t so expensive, I may decide to get Adobe Illustrator. However, I think I will stick with Inkscape.

Pixicrosses — April 13, 2014



This is another in my “Squares” series, it’s called Pixicrosses because of it’s pixellated feel. They aren’t “squares” but the series has to do with 4 sided figures. I’ve been very inspired by 4 sided figures lately and have used this inspiration as my muse. This was done in inkscape. I decided to stick to red because I felt that the crosses in the picture needed to symbolize my infatuation with geometry. This piece also oscillates the tone of red from dark to light and another cycle of dark and light.

You can find this on my deviantart page as well!

Squares #2 — April 9, 2014

Squares #2

Squares #2

I have been really inspired by 4 sided shapes lately and I decided to make a composition in Inkscape with just 4 sided figures. It’s a very busy piece and I feel that it is a friendly piece because it reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

The first piece of the series is pretty similar only it’s not as polished as this one.


You can see it on my deviant art page here