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Definition — November 20, 2015


There is much more to you than how others define you.

Open The Window — June 25, 2015

Open The Window

Some may be just annoying
Others just plain obnoxious.
Still others may be just plain rude!
But you are you, and you should stay that way.

Open the window, don’t let them win.
You have your rights, as they have theirs.
What they can’t do is hurt you.
But if you don’t ignore them, they will eat at you.

If they stare, stare back.
You are as much a human as they are.
Don’t cower in front of them.
Power in front of them!

Drawing (A new drawing in progress) — May 2, 2015

Drawing (A new drawing in progress)

I’ve been working on one drawing and I’ve been posting progress on it when I can. However, I’ve also started another drawing. I like to have several projects to switch between, it feels nice. This one is based of of these shapes that I’ve been developing. The shapes were inspired by a dream.

Here is a picture of the progress:

Process vs Product — February 1, 2015

Process vs Product

I love to create things, I have this drive to make something. It gets quite overwhelming sometimes. The outcome is usually pleasing and something that I enjoy, but I think the process is my favorite part. Although, I sometimes have difficulties completing a product/project/outcome. My girlfriend and I talk about this all the time. I experience it when I’m at my job, programming and when I’m in my (makeshift) studio. It’s an almost daily thing.

I enjoy the process the most. I love seeing something come together. I love adding lines to a painting and watching it come together. I love soldering electronics and breadboarding, adding components one by one. Watching a program complete is fun too, debugging it and adding fixes until it is usable. I like to step back and get a look at what’s going on, get an appreciation of what parts have been added or removed. The process is an art form along with the rest of the creation, tools and all.

The product is great too. It shows that you’ve completed a process to give the world something you are proud of. It’s something you have to show for all of your effort. I usually don’t give much thought to the product and I have a hard time finishing things. That’s probably because I enjoy the process so much. But I think it is good to finish projects because it allows you to give something to others, let them have an enjoyable experience. Experiencing a product can be just as rewarding as making one.

I feel I could write essays and books on how important it is to step back and take in the process. It’s a euphoria, it is rewarding, it is indescribable. Most of all, it is entirely individual, which is another thing that I hold on a pedestal (that will have to be another post though :)). Every process is unique, even if you’re using the same template for an origami crane over and over again. Making each crane is going to be different. It may take you 5 seconds to do one fold for one crane, and the next crane may take 4.37 seconds to complete that same fold.

The process is passion, just as the product is. I think you need to have both in equal potions (which means I need to get to work on finishing stuff!)

Love the process, it makes the product that much more special and rewarding. Respecting the process increases the respect factor of the product (I believe I could make an equation, something exponential).


Sticky Notes — January 23, 2015

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are useful. Not just for quick memos and reminders, they also happen to be square. A square is perfect for origami. One thing to watch out for is the sticky part, it can make origami a little difficult. When I’m deep in thought, pondering an algorithm or something, I origami like to do origami with sticky notes.

I like to write love notes to my girlfriend on them as well. Fold them into airplanes and turn the cubical farm into an airport. Sometimes it’s good to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Inspiration — January 22, 2015


I have IBS, I’m pretty sure I’ve had it at least since 4th grade (I’m 28 now). That means I’m usually frequenting a bathroom. It’s not all bad though, I use a lot of that time to read, draw or do puzzles, sometimes play guitar. It’s something I think about and deal with every day, and I don’t mind it most of the time. I actually enjoy going to the bathroom, it’s a great place to think and relax.

I’m very inspired by digestion and the organs that perform digestion. I am very interested in the digestive system of the human, I think it’s because stomach aches are an everyday occurrence for me. I frequently talk about poop and always want to take pictures of it to show my girlfriend (I don’t however, because she does not share my interest in poop unfortunately). I think about poop and digestion in general, quite frequently.

I know poop is usually considered gross and I can see why it’s gross. But as someone who’s regular daily bowel movements average about 5-7 a day, I have a lot of time to think about it.

I’ve done drawings and paintings of stomachs and intestines. Actually, I did a series of paintings called “Self Portrait: Upper G.I.” and “Self Portrait: Lower G.I.”, I’ve only ever had an upper GI done and I enjoyed it immensely. I just find it really interesting. Here are 2 works I’ve done over the years (there are others but I cant find them).

This one is called “Self Portrait: Lower G.I.”, the small intestine is too small on it. It currently sits on the bathroom wall!

And this is a recent drawing I did:

Inspiration is one of those things that can’t be helped. If your inspired by something or find it so fascinating that you can’t help but think about you should never be afraid to express it. From what I’ve been told, it’s weird to find poop interesting. To that I say it’s not weird, you’re weird!

The Umbrella — January 11, 2015

The Umbrella

An umbrella can only go so far when it’s carried away by the wind. If it happens to hit the side of a bus on a busy street, then so be it. Maybe the umbrella bounces gently off the bus and against a taxi. Maybe a pedestrian (as silly as they are) picks it up. Whatever the outcome, the fact still remains, it is raining and gray.

I think the umbrella doesn’t really have a place.
This umbrella has a mission however.


Yes, mission!

The mission, how could you have forgotten already? The moment described above is now about to be shattered. For the umbrella, at least for today, has a role. It’s role…


Upon colliding with the bus, scaring the driver, the driver, in turn veering into oncoming traffic, the oncoming traffic hitting the bus, the bus lighting up, fire consuming it, the taxi that the umbrella chose as its next victim, after hitting the bus, crashing into the silly pedestrian (along with several others), the pedestrian collapsing, panic, fire….


Lasting only a few moments, the chaos subsides. Mission accomplished. Elated, the umbrella has fulfilled its duties. But there’s a lingering sadness. The umbrella was waiting for more.

Where was the death?
Where were the riots?
What about the buildings?
Why are they still standing?

That day, a single umbrella caused so much to happen. But was it enough? As the umbrella was engulfed in the flames from the result of its mission, a tear of melting plastic wandered down its rib as if it were expressing woe.

The umbrella is gone.

The Fate of Ignorance — January 9, 2015

The Fate of Ignorance

They traipse along with melting crayons, flotsam at the foot of the beach.
“Oh, to be a wave carrying jellyfish to the edge, where the salt meets the air” said one to the other.
“Why’d you want to do that?”
A query rose from the suspicion of the ludicrous statement thrown into the air waves.
“I severely dislike jellyfish” was the response.
“Why, what did they ever do to you?”
Awestruck, this was his reply: “What do you mean? What did they do to me?”…

He had developed the distaste of Jellyfish at a young age. Twelve to be exact. He couldn’t even remember what exactly the crime had been that turned him against those delightful and sometimes poisonous tentacle bearing beasts. In fact, when confronted on his abhorrence towards them, his answer was usually in the form of some kind of stereotype.

“They’re smelly.”
“They take up too much of the ocean.”
“Those damn opportunistic predators, eating whatever they come across.”
“Pretentious tentacle bearing fucks.”
“Save some plankton for the whales… Bastards.”

Indeed, the list went on, mostly in the form of something similar to the above insults. His hatred had become a product of his ignorance multiplied by his youthful experience (diminished as it was). Did he really even hate jellyfish anymore?

“Do you listen to yourself?” another query from his friend.
“Yes, of course…” the irritated retort.
“Pretentious fucks, I hate them all”…
“But you haven’t even said what they’ve done to cause these feelings of malice.” a justified response from his friend.
“I don’t need to prove myself to you.”
“Are you siding with them?”
“How dare you! Are you insinuating that I am lying?”

Brandishing a dagger, he smote his friend. Spite had taken control of him. He went empty with rage. His friend was now dead; the life had been taken from him just because of the jellyfish.
“It’s your fault. You damn tentacle bearing demons.”
“I hate you!” there was no reasoning with this logic.

Because of the jellyfish, his friend was dead. They caused him to whirl into a fit of rage.
“You’ve done this to yourself.” a voice from nowhere, invading his eardrums.
“Stop, you don’t know that. You don’t know anything.”
“You killed your friend over your petty angers.” it was that voice again.
“Stop. Stop right now.” nobody was on the beach.
“I’ll get revenge.”

Throwing off his clothing, and running into the water, he broke the waves. Diving, swimming, dagger in mouth, he swam towards the smack. It was then that he felt the cold of a thousand tentacles binding him, constricting him.

He went blank again…
But this time it was eternal.

StackOverflow – My Last Option (always!) — October 23, 2014

StackOverflow – My Last Option (always!)

I am a programmer by trade, it’s what I went to school for. It’s what my day job consists of (I wish it were music)!

There are often times when I need help with a programming concept. I am still new to the industry, this is only my second job in the industry. Plus, everybody needs help some times (even if they wont admit it)!

Anyways, I use my coworkers for help a lot and they are pretty helpful and not that condescending (nobody likes that). I also use Google because there’s SO MUCH CONTENT out there.

Most of the time a Google search is sufficient. However, there are those times when I just can’t find anything, and my coworkers aren’t sure either.

When those cases arise, I have to use StackOverflow… THIS IS ALWAYS A LAST RESORT!

I never like using that site. I mean, you do get help most of the time and it’s usually helpful. However, in order to receive that help, you must go through a barrage of insults, that, by the end of the experience have left you a shattered soul. I always end up feeling pretty stupid after a StackOverflow quest.

It’s especially difficult if you’ve had problems with self esteem.

Anyways, when you’ve fallen down, defeated by the barrage of “Did you ask Google?”, “This is a repost”, “Why would anyone want to store a byte array in a string?! WHY?”, you have to pick yourself up and remember that you’re not a bad programmer.

You’ve just fallen victim to internet abuse!

Everyone deals with it and you can too!

I hope others find this inspiring and, if there are others out there who have experienced this, I feel like I would be able to relate!

Inspired by geometric figures — March 31, 2014

Inspired by geometric figures

I’ve been noticing lately that, on certain days, I’m in either a square mood, triangular mood or circular mood. I can’t really describe what that means, but I can feel what it means. I think there’s a connection between the shapes and how I am viewing my surroundings at the time.

This is a recent phenomenon and it’s been really inspiring me to paint. I have a bunch of great ideas for my next painting(s)! I’ll have to get the canvas ready.

Today is definitely a square day…