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New Song — June 24, 2014

New Song

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I don’t know how that happened! Usually WordPress sends me an email if I don’t get a chance to blog each week, I guess I’ll have to check my spam folder.

Anyways, I’ve recorded a new song: http://www.reverbnation.com/anorthhare/song/21098493-egroeg

Check it out!

The recording process was quite interesting. I first recorded 8 tracks, doubled those tracks to left and right sides of the stereo (now 16 tracks). Finally, I took those 8 original tracks and reversed them. The main song has 3 tracks for each recorded track (24 tracks).

The format is like this:

  • Left aligned track
  • Center track (reversed) heard on both speakers
  • Right aligned track

It made for a more “lush” sounding song. More full sounding I suppose you could say.

Lyrics in music — January 24, 2014

Lyrics in music

I was listening to a new Black Sabbath song called “God is Dead?” and I started feeling weird because of the lyrics. And I love Black Sabbath, they’re partly the reason I got into playing music. The way the lyrics started out just left me feeling out of place. And that happens on a ton of songs. Especially if the lyrics start with “I” or “uh-huh” or some thing else that is trying to relate to the listener.

Sometimes, I have a hard time dealing with lyrics when I listen to music. In fact, when I’m making music, I don’t usually include lyrics. Something about hearing someone singing makes me feel embarrassed. I feel weird listening to songs with singing in them. And a majority of the songs in the world have lyrical content in them. When I hear lyrics, I start to become anxious and panicy. A lot of it is probably self esteem. I often feel like I cant relate to the lyrics because I’m not cool enough or, I haven’t had as hard a life as the lyrics are suggesting to me.

I believe that lyrics provide a way to attempt to connect with your listeners and I think it’s awesome that people do that. But I feel very out of place listening to people singing and singing myself. It’s not for all songs, but it happens quite a bit.

This is my thought. The voice is an instrument, lyrics are just adding human vocalizations to the sounds coming out of our mouths. I’m not opposed to hearing grunting or whistling in songs, in fact, I have included grunts in my songs sometimes.

I love instrumentals, they make me feel at ease. There’s not the stress of “Do I relate to these lyrics” or, “Am I good enough to relate to these lyrics”. Also, with instrumentals, you get a chance to come up with your own story. I mean songs with lyrics are really just telling a story in a way right?

I do like songs where the lyrics don’t seem to make sense. Most of the songs by Primus and Yes are very easy for me to listen to. And songs where the singer is singing in a language I cant speak as well.

I can relate to songs that have no lyrical content or don’t seem to make sense.