Aaron Horeth

Aaron Horeth in writing!

I look up to you — February 22, 2018

I look up to you

I look up to you.

The way you’re able to stand up for yourself.
The incredible strength you have,
despite all the chaos around you.

The determination for change,
all the progress you’ve made.
All the progress we’ve made together.

Life isn’t easy,
not at all.
But you always find a way.

You admire trees for their strength,
and you wish to be one.
In many ways you are.

I admire all that you bring to this world.

I don’t say that enough,
I don’t express my gratitude,
my love enough.

I’m a kind and caring man.
As well a nervous and shy man.
Whose fear can get the best of him.

No life is perfect,
but that should not excuse one
from living and participating.

You are the one I think about.

It hurts to see you struggle,
to see you plagued and bruised.
I want to protect you from that.

Sometimes the words and actions
I use aren’t the best of help.
Don’t give up on me for that.

I know that’s not all,
I know that I show laziness.
I use excuses like “I’m tired”.

Excuses that don’t help anyone.

When you’re angry, it’s as if
you’re another person.
At the same time, I feel it’s for just reason.

I feel like I mess things up,
and that’s the last thing I want.
I don’t want to hurt you.

It’s because I’m too nervous around the world.
I try not to let it take over.
But anxiety has that effect.

You’re so strong.

I love your smile,
your laugh,
your sense of humor.

Your love of the outdoors,
your love of animals,
your love of art.

I love your creative spirit.
I love that we share so much in common.
True, some things we share aren’t great.

We have such a strong history of events.

I don’t want to be scared,
Or let excuses rule me.
I want to be strong for you.

I will be strong for you.

Thought Of The Day — January 25, 2016

Thought Of The Day

Lost sight due to worries
that are really not that

Debts only seem like
being owned by another
if you let them.

Money doesn’t bring
joy or fulfillment,
it breeds sorrow.

As long as there is negative,
there must have been and still
exists, a positive.

The bright side is just
a matter of changing
the environment.

Travel — November 17, 2015


I know credit cards are dangerous, but…

Suppose I sign up for one, paying no attention to the small print and the “low” APR. Fully understanding that it’s not my money I’m spending but not caring whatsoever. Now, with that credit card, I travel the world, with my girlfriend, ignoring the monthly balances and fees. Lasting 5, 10 years, not paying the monthly fees. Just traveling and experiencing everything we can. I think we could get away with it!

In reality I know we couldn’t, we would be stopped pretty quick. The credit card company would figure out what we were up to in no time at all. How is one making a semi-almost-decent salary, tied down to a desk, supposed to see the world?

Oh well, that’s what my imagination is for! Luckily that imagination is a finely tuned, world cultured, jet-set machine ready to take me to Morocco or Zimbabwe in an instant. Who needs waiting in line at an airport, being groped by overly-eager security guards who make fun of your phone because it’s not a “smart” phone? In my mind I’m already basking in the sun and chugging can after can of Dr. Pepper Cherry (my favorite soda), and swimming in crystal clear waters with my amazing girlfriend by my side of course!

Old Things — November 2, 2015
Most At Ease — October 23, 2015

Most At Ease

I’m most at ease when
I’m with you.
When we’re exploring a
future possible home or
a new

I’m most at ease when
we’re playing tennis.
And one of us smacks
the ball

I’m most at ease when
we’re creating.
Painting our selves

I’m most at ease when
you’re smiling.
When you’re beating me
at all the
video games
we play

I’m most at ease when
you rest your head on
my shoulders.
When you fall asleep on
my lap during all the
silly documentaries
with animal

I’m most at ease when
it’s just us.
When you and I are
we are.

Above The Clouds — October 8, 2015

Above The Clouds

Conversation above the clouds.
Talk to pass the time.
Although these people just met,
they find similarity above the clouds.
Family, jobs, a little vodka.
The fact they are strangers
does not stop them.
Finding a common ground.
Common ground above the clouds.
They sip their drinks.
New friends if only for an hour.
High above the clouds.

Departure — October 6, 2015


As I depart, the sun sets.
Training starts tomorrow.

Will I arrive on time?
Will I be late my first day?

Currently fate is not mine.
Other powers are in control.

Relax and trust the powers.
Let the winds guide me.

As I depart, the sun sets.
We take flight at night fall.

Jobs — September 16, 2015
It Tastes Like Dirt — September 10, 2015

It Tastes Like Dirt

It tastes like dirt, it hypes the body.
How do I know what dirt tastes like?
It’s what I imagine dirt to taste like.
That familiar, sweaty, dirty,
old rag taste.

Anyways, most succumb to the allure.
They crave it, they fetishize it.
It gets advertisements, it gets priority.
To them, it gives them a new outlook.
Refreshing, stimulating, love, life.
Rantings of an addict.
They use it to “start their day”.

Lack of it creates anger.
Heated withdrawals, cranky shouts, lacking the substance.
Foaming at the mouth when it’s not prepared just right.
Violence is thrust toward the maker, or potential maker.

Yet, it’s not outlawed.
Users aren’t treated like junkies.
There are no support groups for this addictive substance.
There is no jail time for possessing the drug.
There is no consequence for polluting the bloodstream.

Why is this substance legal?
It’s accepted, it’s beloved.
Everyone likes it, the adult world cherishes it.

Not I though, I find it deplorable.
Downright disgusting.

Change — September 4, 2015


Change is unpredictable,
it’s feared but necessary.
Sometimes it’s better,
other times it’s worse.
Good change is what we seek.
Good change is what we want.
Since change is unpredictable,
you’ll just have to trust it.