Llama Drawing


I love llamas, they’re cool animals. This is a drawing I did of a llama. I used some markers with a paintbrush tip for the colors and my fine tip markers for all of the details. I’m considering doing more using this llama. Actually, I drew a template image first and then traced the outline (I was thinking that I’d want to draw more llamas in the future)


The Process

I have been enjoying working with pens/markers lately, this is one drawing I’ve just completed. I was inspired by a video. It was actually going to be just black and white but I added in color, it was my girlfriend’s suggestion and I thought it was a good suggestion so I went with it!

It’s called “The Process”. Meaning it is the brain as a generator of ideas. The two spouts spraying blue are the outputs and the pipes coming from off the page are the inputs. Each colored object in the drawing is a mechanism that generates ideas and the pipes between them serve as communication between the devices.