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New Song, Just a Bunch of Manipulations — August 11, 2015

New Song, Just a Bunch of Manipulations

I’ve created another song! For this one, I only used one sound that I created using a Text To Speech program (located here). I took that sound file and manipulated it several times, creating a pseudo bassline/drum/rhythm and some melodies.

I like to manipulate sounds, transform them, give them new life and context.

Music — August 6, 2015


My urge to create music waxes and wanes, that periodical kind of thing. Music will always be one of my favorite tools of expression, but I like to paint and draw and sculpt (and do many other things) as well. There are so many tools of expression and creativity. That’s my passion, not music. My creative and curious nature is my biggest strength, it’s something I am proud of. Music will just have to wait its turn while I delve into other art forms.

Well, now it has come full circle again and I have that irrepressible urge, that forceful yearning, that starry glow in my eyes when I gander at my synthesizers and guitars. So, I am now working on an album, it’s called Ancients. I want it to evoke thoughts of the past.

Lobster on Rye — August 4, 2015
You Can Feel — June 11, 2015

You Can Feel

You can feel the back and forth, the gentle and smooth droning.
You can feel the resonance soaking into your skin and then, jostling your bones.
You can feel the texture of the rest against your chin.
You can feel the smell of the lacquer, the dark red stain of the wood.
You can feel the swirls, the sight of the voice escaping its body.
You can feel the voices of thousands before you, playing those same sequences in various orders.
That’s what draws you in, that’s what makes you come back to it.

Musician —


Wood and wire combined.
Add a bit of human touch, now you’ve got something!
It’s a beautiful voice, all because of a harmonious reaction.
It’s a rare beauty from the reaction of wood, wire and the human element.

Natures Orchestra — April 19, 2015
Collecting Noises — April 18, 2015

Collecting Noises

I am very interested in noise. It’s something that we hear everyday and a lot of it gets ignored. The amount of distinct sounds just in the little city I live in is immense. The cars, the sewers, the birds and the streams. There is an abundance of noise, both joyful and unpleasant (I prefer the ‘unpleasant’ sounds although they sound pleasing to me 🙂 ).

I’ve had this idea for a while to go on a series of expeditions to ‘hunt’ & collect sounds. Today, I started out my journey in the forest behind my apartment building. There was this spot where there were frogs croaking and it was so loud, you could hardly hear the noise coming from the High School (the school was having some festival and it was really loud).

I was surrounded by this sound. It was in this little swamp. I just stood there and absorbed it. I’ve never had an aural experience like that before, it was just amazing. To be so engulfed by a sound (one that’s not of a song or someone singing) is a rare occurrence.

Moved by this orchestra, I raced back to the apartment and got my mobile recording studio (it’s a 8-track recorder). I ran back to the swamp and started recording. And I just moved on from there. There’s a train track right next to that and some rushing water. Of course, I got some sounds of cars speeding past me. My only regret is that I used some effects like delay, reverb and phasing on some of the tracks. But there’s always next time.

A noise safari!

Take Care and enjoy yourselves!
-Aaron Horeth (A North Hare)

Holiday Hijinx — January 1, 2015

Holiday Hijinx

It was a week or so before Christmas and I was driving home. Usually when I drive home, I get these ridiculous thoughts that make me laugh. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on my driving because of it (digression). Anyways…

I was driving and I started humming Jingle Bells monotonously. I was inspired to make an obnoxious medley of holiday songs. It had grunting and high pitched tones, very annoying and obnoxious. My family found it extremely amusing!

I did make the song, however, I didn’t put it on my Reverbnation account because I think it counts as a cover since I’m covering holiday music. I’m not sure how the rules work for that so I did not upload it.

If you would like to hear it, I think it’s ok if I email it to you! It’s quite funny.

Does any one know the law regarding covering holiday songs? (I covered/parodied Jingle Bells, Silver Bells and Little Drummer Boy)

New Album out – Lengthy absence from my blog — October 12, 2014

New Album out – Lengthy absence from my blog


Sorry about my lengthy absence from my blog. I have been really busy creating a new album. The album is called Bioluminescence, it was inspired by seeing a video of an angler fish. The title track tries to make the listener feel like they are right next to that angler fish. This is one of my best albums yet! I am really pleased to be sharing it with the world.

Please check it out here: http://www.reverbnation.com/anorthhare/album/82592-bioluminsecence

Here is the album artwork:

Album Art v4

A Song for a Friend — July 15, 2014

A Song for a Friend

I have a friend who I haven’t seen for in a while. He’s a great person, we used to skateboard together. Neither of us were that good at skateboarding but we still had a lot of fun.

Both of us play guitar as well. He likes blues music so I decided to make a song in tribute to him.

Here’s a link to the song:

It’s a big departure from the music I usually record. This one’s more of a “blues” oriented piece. It started when I came up with this really nice groove while playing around with my bass guitar. From there, it just grew (as things usually do).

I am thinking of doing more songs like this in the future, it was a refreshing break from my normal music. Usually, I am heavy on the synthesizer, I can’t help it, I love synth! People like Brian Eno and Wendy Carlos and bands like Tangerine Dream drove me into a deep infatuation with the synthesizer. It’s just so limitless, the vast amount of sounds you can conjure with a synthesizer (or synthesizers) is wonderful!

I actually started out playing more blues oriented music. I like that style of music. I also got into classical music as well.

That was a bit of a digression from the post. I can’t help it, I really enjoy making music! It’s just part of who I am.

Stay in touch for more recordings as I am always creating new music!