A North Hare

Aaron Horeth in writing!

It’s Quiet Here… — September 2, 2015

It’s Quiet Here…

It’s quiet here…
except for distant rumblings.

It’s quiet here…
except for the occasional cough.

It’s quiet here…
except for the buzz of artificial lighting and air.

It’s quiet here…
except for the frenzied click of the keys.

It’s quiet here.

Sticky Notes — January 23, 2015

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are useful. Not just for quick memos and reminders, they also happen to be square. A square is perfect for origami. One thing to watch out for is the sticky part, it can make origami a little difficult. When I’m deep in thought, pondering an algorithm or something, I origami like to do origami with sticky notes.

I like to write love notes to my girlfriend on them as well. Fold them into airplanes and turn the cubical farm into an airport. Sometimes it’s good to make the ordinary extraordinary.