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Gravity — February 28, 2016



Here’s a recent drawing I just finished. I haven’t added any drawings in a while so I thought I’d add this one. It’s called “Gravity”. It’s on 18″ x 24″ drawing paper. The paper is more meant for dry media but I think it works well for pen and ink.

I wanted the drawing to have this swooping, continuous line that the eyes could follow and imagine what goes on after the paper ends.

Some Drawing Has Gone Down — April 15, 2015

Some Drawing Has Gone Down

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I like my job but sometimes it’s too much and I don’t get the chance to work on art. But that is life 🙂

I’ve been trying to find time where I’m not working to work on my drawing. I finally got a chance today and it’s getting close to being done! I’ve realized that I can’t kneel over the drawing for too long so I’ve taken over our dinner table with art! I’ve been working on adding some interesting textures into the piece. And, it’s giving me inspiration for future drawings. Although, next I want to do some painting because I haven’t done a lot of that in a while and I’m really excited to paint!

Here are some pictures of the progress:


By the way… I actually have a painting I’m working on. It’s the second time I’ve used oil paint and I’m really into it.

Take Care!

-Aaron Horeth (A North Hare)

New Drawing — March 27, 2015
Update On The Drawing (3rd Installment) — March 11, 2015

Update On The Drawing (3rd Installment)

It’s been a couple of days and I’ve gotten more done on my drawing. The cats have also stepped on it and will probably continue to do so. I wish they would just sit next to me and watch. I tried putting a box next to me, cats love boxes. The allure of the piece of paper that I’ve been devoting my attention to was too great. They shunned the box…

I’ve added some pointilism (I don’t like the word “stippling”, it sounds gross), and some herringbone like patterns to it as well. There are also even more circles and triangles!

Also, it still doesn’t have a title. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am very open and will consider names!

I may call it “Spleen Covered In Tartar Sauce”…


Progress Makes Product (Update On Drawing) — March 8, 2015

Progress Makes Product (Update On Drawing)

I wanted to share the progress I’ve made on my drawing. It’s been taking up my entire weekend (just ask my girlfriend 🙂 ). Since the last update, my cats have stepped on it more and I have filled it out more. I’m not sure how many hours I’ve spent on it so far, I’m not sure I want to know how long it’s taking me. I am definitely enjoying the process of creating it though.

I’m still not sure what to call it, and I am open to taking suggestions for the title. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.


Progress Makes Me Happy — March 7, 2015

Progress Makes Me Happy

I started laying out my drawing a little last night. I actually used the other side first and I hated the way it looked so I hastily flipped the piece of paper over. It’s on an 18×24 inch piece of paper, so I will end up being a larger drawing that what I’ve done previously. So far, I’m in the approximate center of the paper drawing my way to the outside. And my cats won’t leave the drawing alone. I’ve had to stop a few times because they (the cats) decided they wanted to sit on the drawing. Oh well…

I’m not sure what I’m going to name it, that’s something that will come to me eventually. Originally, I was inspired to draw seeing someone else draw on a huge piece of paper. He was drawing a bunch of mandalas. I’m also really inspired by pyramids and triangles so I’m planning to include them in my drawing.

Here is a picture of my progress

The Process — February 21, 2015

The Process

I have been enjoying working with pens/markers lately, this is one drawing I’ve just completed. I was inspired by a video. It was actually going to be just black and white but I added in color, it was my girlfriend’s suggestion and I thought it was a good suggestion so I went with it!

It’s called “The Process”. Meaning it is the brain as a generator of ideas. The two spouts spraying blue are the outputs and the pipes coming from off the page are the inputs. Each colored object in the drawing is a mechanism that generates ideas and the pipes between them serve as communication between the devices.