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Words and Letters Part III — July 11, 2015

Words and Letters Part III

I have here the full poem for Words and Letters. In case you missed it, the first part and the second part. The goal was to combine these 2 pieces into one poem. Kind of a cool idea! Anyways, here’s the poem…

Split the words, break the meaning.
Split the letters, break everything.
Alter the words, alter the meaning.
Alter the letters, break definition.
Add words, enlighten the reader.
Add letters, confuse the reader.
Subtract words, simplify the meaning.
Subtract letters, lose interest.

The goal was to combine both parts from the other posts into one.

Hope you enjoyed this. There will be more in the future!

-Aaron Horeth

Words and Letters Part II — July 8, 2015

Words and Letters Part II


Here is the much awaited second part of the poem. Now you can finally figure out what I was saying in the last post (Words and Letters Part I). When you’ve figured it out, let me know!

  lit   e   rds,   eak   e    ning.
  lit   e    ters,   eak     ything.
  ter   e   rds,   ter   e    ning.
  ter   e    ters,   eak      ition.
  d   rds,     ghten   e    der.
  d    ters,   nfuse   e    der.
   tract   rds,     lify   e    ning.
   tract    ters,   se    erest.

Aaron Horeth

Words and Letters Part I — June 30, 2015

Words and Letters Part I

Who wants to work on a puzzle?

I’ve split this poem up into 2 pieces. You will have to piece them together to get the original poem. When you have both parts, either message me the full poem or leave a comment. Any questions are acceptable. Here is your first piece!

Sp    th  wo   , br    th  mea    .
Sp    th  let    , br    ever      .
Al    th  wo   , al    th  mea    .
Al    th  let    , br    defin     .
Ad  wo   , enli      th  rea   .
Ad  let    , co      th  rea   .
Sub      wo   , simp     th  mea    .
Sub      let    , lo   int     .

Remember, you’ll have to wait until the next part is released to see the full poem. Expect that to be released sometime next week…

Aaron Horeth