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Reuse — April 9, 2015


Reuse the ‘old garbage’,
make something new from it all.
From ‘junk’ to lamp, ha!

The Big Idea — April 7, 2015

The Big Idea

Ok, so earlier, I promised I would describe and show you a concept of this idea I had. So, here is the idea.

I recycle toilet paper tubes from work because nobody else does it, someone has to do it. So I have a lot of them and I usually just toss them in the recycling bin. However, I had an idea for how I could reuse them(well actually several ideas as to how to use them). I like reusing stuff. My idea… drawing on them. I like different surfaces for drawing and cardboard is really nice to draw on.

So, I figured these toilet paper tubes would be perfect to draw on. Seeing as I have a lot of them, I made a quick concept to show you guys! This is still a proof of concept, I’m working on improving it.

Take Care
-Aaron Horeth (A North Hare)

A Quick Update —

A Quick Update

I just had a great idea for drawing materials. Actually, I’ve been kind of thinking about this for a while but never did anything with it. I’m using a certain recyclable material as a drawing surface. I’m sure it’s been done before (what hasn’t?). But it’s new to me and I am excited.

More tonight!

Take Care,
Aaron Horeth (A North Hare)