A North Hare

Aaron Horeth in writing!

Shouldn’t Have — October 21, 2015

Shouldn’t Have

Shouldn’t have opened that folder.
Shouldn’t have double-clicked those images.
Shouldn’t have subjected myself
to that filth,
that desperation,
that humiliation.

I didn’t expect it to consume me
not at that age.
I didn’t expect it to become
something of regret.

Years of embarrassment.
Years of feeling guilty.
Years of feeling low.
Years of feeling worthless.

not only myself,
but thousands of others as well.
All starting with opening a folder.
Double-clicking an image.

Work To Get Out — July 16, 2015

Work To Get Out

While I sit here at this desk,
my creativity feels diminished.
I want to create. I want to paint.
I need to get the music out, appease
my creative spirit. of course, I
also need to get a paycheck, I
need to make a living here. However, I
can make a living Working for myself.
I can do what it takes to make a
living on my own. get my self
out. and push my way through the
maze. For the sake of Creativity.

From hidden to clarified

Shower — June 28, 2015