A North Hare

Aaron Horeth in writing!

Soggy Fries & Pickle — October 9, 2015

Soggy Fries & Pickle

Soggy Fries the watermelon toad,
went on a journey he did,
a journey down the road.

Soggy Fries came upon an ostrich,
the bird was named Pickle,
and Pickle had an itch.

How may I assist Pickle,
thought Soggy Fries,
how ’bout a tickle.

So Pickle was tickled,
and Soggy Fries cried,
cried and cried and cried.

The watermelon toad cried,
tears of joy from helping,
this gave him pride.

They were exchanging pleasantries,
and bidding their farewells,
a meeting of the centuries.

Pickle and Soggy Fries,
friends now for life,
friendships guise.

Thunder — July 26, 2015


The sky ate beans.
The beans were processed.
The beans were digested.
The beans exited the clouds.
They exited as thunder.
Lightning followed thunder.
Pelicans died.
The world was peaceful again.
That’s what you get for eating beans.

Yellow Lobster Sunshine — July 18, 2015
Pillowy-Willowy — July 15, 2015


Pillowy-willowy, misty-whisty.
Attackers hide behind their wall.
Pillowy-willowy, misty-whisty.
From great height the hellish barrage falls.
Pillowy-willowy, misty-whisty.
The torrent cries, impacting all.
Pillowy-willowy, misty-whisty.
The attacks cease, an end to the squall.
Pillowy-willowy, misty-whisty.

The Structure is Weak — July 5, 2015
Anti-Seriousness — July 2, 2015


This world is too serious,
that much is true.
So I’ve adopted a policy.
One that’s fresh and new.
I live by anti-seriousness,
that’s my golden rule.
Non-sense is a seriously,
non-serious practice.
Pew, pew, pew, pew.

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