A North Hare

Aaron Horeth in writing!

Optimism — February 6, 2016


My mom was telling me the other day about how when I was younger, I always seemed to have a sunny disposition and a joke to tell despite the bullying and my lack of friends. And that’s something I’ve forgotten about lately. I’m always wondering what my strengths are or if I have any. I’m not muscular and not severely intelligent. But I think my strength is being able to find positivity, even in the face of negativity. I think optimism is my strength.

I feel like I’ve forgotten that in recent years, but I don’t think it’s been lost. I still can conjure up optimism, but I don’t always seem to appreciate that about myself. It feels like I don’t acknowledge that quality about myself.

What my mom said felt nice to hear. It moved me and made me feel good. Thank you mom!

We Are Each Other’s Shield — March 2, 2015

We Are Each Other’s Shield

We are each other’s shield.
Together we weather many a storm.
Whether tethered to a lamp post,
or forced to sign a form.

We are each other’s shield.
My one true love and I.
Standing side by side,
We take life stride by stride.

We are each other’s shield.
Protectors of our realm.
Wielding sword and bow,
We smote mighty foe.

We are each other’s shield.
I can’t say enough to that.
Also, this poem needs to have some rhyme,