Aaron Horeth

Aaron Horeth in writing!

Say The Word — February 17, 2016

Say The Word

There’s this word that I’m always trying to pronounce. The word is peculiar. It’s really hard to say! The funny thing is, the more I try to say it, the harder it is to say. Probably because I’m thinking about it way too much. I know I could listen to a pronunciation of the word but who has time for that nonsense? Plus, I’d rather figure it out myself because I’m stubborn.

I like peculiar, it’s a cool word. I especially like to say it over and over again, I like stumbling over the ‘cu’ and ‘l’ sounds and how my tongue tries to shape itself for ‘cu’ and then frantically tries to make the ‘l’ sound afterward. Then, it’s all finished with a nice, hard ‘r’. It’s a beautiful sounding word, I wish I could pronounce it. Sometimes I try to pronounce it as ‘pecu’-‘liar’ but that never sounds right.

Try saying peculiar. Say it over and over again. Are you having trouble pronouncing it? It’s just a really difficult word for me to pronounce.

By the way, I can say it if I say pecularity┬ábefore it (that’s the exact spelling, I know that isn’t technically a word, but all words were made up at one point so I think I’m ok). Peculiarity is a form of the word though, but that’s hard to say as well.

Vibrant — July 1, 2015


This is a poem, it is not very
long but it is vibrant and holds true
the spirit and essence of poetry.
I want to write, I want to explore,
I want to create. Something new.
Something amazing. I want to open eyes.
Only a bit of this┬ácontent actually matters…

Finding The Word — April 5, 2015

Finding The Word

Winding through a sentence only to find that you can’t think of the next word. Your mind stops and you get angry. “Why can’t I think, come on, think”. You pause for several seconds. Then you think of the word and it stumbles out and you get laughed at. Because your mind is moving faster than your mouth can form the words.

At least you know you are thinking! At least you completed the sentence.