A North Hare

Aaron Horeth in writing!

Jobs — September 16, 2015


I believe that a good job
done without a title,

is just as valid as
one done with a title,

and is better than a bad job
done with a title.

It’s Quiet Here… — September 2, 2015

It’s Quiet Here…

It’s quiet here…
except for distant rumblings.

It’s quiet here…
except for the occasional cough.

It’s quiet here…
except for the buzz of artificial lighting and air.

It’s quiet here…
except for the frenzied click of the keys.

It’s quiet here.

A Product — August 25, 2015

A Product

If my office is a store
and the cubicles shelves.
Then that makes me a product,
a product manufactured in college.
Manufactured and field tested.

There are several products to choose from.
I’m the newest product.
In this case, newest isn’t always the best.
Some of the other products here are
way better.
Don’t let me sell you short though,
I am a capable product.

I can get done what you want.
It may take me a little longer than
the older products.
But I have brighter eyes!

Napping In My Car — March 11, 2015

Napping In My Car

Hour long lunchtime too long,
Sleep in car, who needs eating.
Now I am hungry.

I am allowed an hour for lunch every day. Sometimes I work through lunch, sometimes I eat and draw, other times I like to nap. I’ve set up the perfect napping spot in the back seat of my car. I placed some of those sun shield things for cars between the front seat headrests and the back seat headrests. I’ve essentially made a tent or blanket fort in the back seat of my car. I have a pillow and blanket back there, it’s cozy. Also, I lock my doors in case anyone gets a fresh idea to attack or kill me or something like that. At least they have to break into my car first! That will hinder them at least a little bit.

Although, I’m kind of tall so I have to curl up…

Let me tell you, an hour long nap in the middle of the day is so refreshing.

It’s a perfectly quiet and hidden place to nap!

Process vs Product — February 1, 2015

Process vs Product

I love to create things, I have this drive to make something. It gets quite overwhelming sometimes. The outcome is usually pleasing and something that I enjoy, but I think the process is my favorite part. Although, I sometimes have difficulties completing a product/project/outcome. My girlfriend and I talk about this all the time. I experience it when I’m at my job, programming and when I’m in my (makeshift) studio. It’s an almost daily thing.

I enjoy the process the most. I love seeing something come together. I love adding lines to a painting and watching it come together. I love soldering electronics and breadboarding, adding components one by one. Watching a program complete is fun too, debugging it and adding fixes until it is usable. I like to step back and get a look at what’s going on, get an appreciation of what parts have been added or removed. The process is an art form along with the rest of the creation, tools and all.

The product is great too. It shows that you’ve completed a process to give the world something you are proud of. It’s something you have to show for all of your effort. I usually don’t give much thought to the product and I have a hard time finishing things. That’s probably because I enjoy the process so much. But I think it is good to finish projects because it allows you to give something to others, let them have an enjoyable experience. Experiencing a product can be just as rewarding as making one.

I feel I could write essays and books on how important it is to step back and take in the process. It’s a euphoria, it is rewarding, it is indescribable. Most of all, it is entirely individual, which is another thing that I hold on a pedestal (that will have to be another post though :)). Every process is unique, even if you’re using the same template for an origami crane over and over again. Making each crane is going to be different. It may take you 5 seconds to do one fold for one crane, and the next crane may take 4.37 seconds to complete that same fold.

The process is passion, just as the product is. I think you need to have both in equal potions (which means I need to get to work on finishing stuff!)

Love the process, it makes the product that much more special and rewarding. Respecting the process increases the respect factor of the product (I believe I could make an equation, something exponential).


Sticky Notes — January 23, 2015

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are useful. Not just for quick memos and reminders, they also happen to be square. A square is perfect for origami. One thing to watch out for is the sticky part, it can make origami a little difficult. When I’m deep in thought, pondering an algorithm or something, I origami like to do origami with sticky notes.

I like to write love notes to my girlfriend on them as well. Fold them into airplanes and turn the cubical farm into an airport. Sometimes it’s good to make the ordinary extraordinary.